Building Manager Resource Guide

Our Structure

Planning and construction staff enhance the university’s physical environment by managing design and construction for renovation, infrastructure, and both minor and major new construction projects. We provide services in a variety of areas, scales, and types of projects.

  • Construction Services Project Managers plan and coordinate work to be executed by in-house trade shops.
  • Project Managers plan and coordinate work to be executed by contractors and/or designed by Professional Service Providers.
  • Planning Project Managers establish scope, schedule, and budget for potential projects at early planning phases.
  • Liaisons serve as a central point of contact, help with project consultations, status updates, etc. 

Working Together To Support Your Projects

We build campus connections by offering solutions for nearly all of your renovation projects, both large and small. We work closely with other service providers on campus to complete projects.

Planning and Construction Services
  • Construction Services
  • Project Management
  • Planning
  • Design Services
Facilities Services (FS)
  • Custodial Services
  • Facilities Operations & Maintenance
  • Facilities Services Support
  • Landscape & Integrated Building Services
Utilities & Energy Management (UEM)
  • Energy Management & Optimization
  • Mechanical Distribution
  • Electrical Distribution & Elevator Services
  • Power Plant & Chilling Stations Management
  • Support Services
Information Technology Services (ITS)
  • Campus Solutions
  • Network and Telecommunications
  • University Data Center
  • Strategic Initiatives

Types of Requests and How They Flow

Planning, Construction, and Facilities Services staff work collaboratively on a variety of projects to support our campus clients. While we offer different services, we are here to help and will connect you to whomever you need no matter who you contact.

Request types & how they flow ipdated

Facilities Services
Main: 512.471.2020 referred to "1-2020"
Facilities Services Requesting Service page

Report an Issue or Request a Service for:

  • Facilities related requests and inquiries
  • Maintenance work and repairs
  • Lock & Keys Services
  • Custodial, landscaping, pest control, solid waste, and recycling services
  • Events, move, and surplus requests

Planning and Construction
Main: 512.471.7776
Requesting Service page

CRIB Request for:

  • Construction, renovation, installation, or building (remodeling or refreshing spaces)
  • Requests that are not immediate safety issues
  • Estimate requests (does not require an account number / Project Manager will provide a cost estimate for you)
  • Performance requests (generally for simpler projects that can go directly to In-house Shops)

The Grey Area: When Projects are Handed Off

Projects that start as FS Work Orders (WOs) may require involvement by or be transferred to Planning or Construction staff for execution due to size, scope, cost, etc. These projects that fall into grey areas are often challenging to define. It is recommended to reach out to your Project Manager or Liaison for any questions. This will help us complete your request by providing more information about your scope.

Checking the status of my request?

If your project has been assigned, reach out to the Project Manager.

If your project has NOT been assigned to a Project Manager you may:

How are WOs and Capital Projects Funded?

  • Central Funding Source - centrally funded account managed by Facilities Services (FS)
  • External Funding Source - departmental accounts, Replacement & Renewal (R&R funding), etc.

Facilities Services Managed WOs

  • FS work may be funded by an external funding source or a centralized funding source
  • FS determines eligibility for central funds on a case-by-case basis

Campus Construction Managed WOs and CPs

  • Campus Construction projects are always funded by external funding sources
  • Campus Construction does not have funding available to complete work

What are my funding options?

Your Liaison is available to help you identify funding sources. External Funding sources can include the following:

Departmental Account
  • Most common funding source utilizing the department account number
  • From small repairs to larger construction projects, authorized account signers will be notified of all performance requests
Provost Fund

This is an annual submission for small academic construction projects with sharing plan between your Unit and the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost.

Green Fund
  • This is an annual grant competition for sustainability-related projects and initiatives proposed by university students, faculty, or staff
  • A student majority committee solicits and reviews proposals and awards Green Fund grants
R&R (Replacement & Renewal) Fund
  • R&R Funding is used for failed systems, code-related compliance, accessibility issues, etc. 
  • Multiple committees review submissions, prioritize projects, and keep an ongoing list of priorities
  • Project types include:
    • Infrastructure work such as mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP), exterior renovations, or roof replacements
    • Code-related repairs, replacements or renovations
      • Accessibility work (ADA and TAS code compliance)
      • Fire code compliance
      • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other infrastructure or building code requirements
    • ​Appearance and other repairs and renovations as funding allows            
  • Your Project Manager will complete the application for funding and submit it to the appropriate R&R Funding Committee for approval