DC Standards / Division 11 - Equipment

The University of Texas at Austin Design and Construction Standards have been prepared by the University to guide and assist architects, engineers, other design professionals, contractors, and university staff (herein referred to as Professional) in understanding the preferences of The University of Texas at Austin in the development, maintenance, repair and replacement of its facilities and assets.

If you wish to download multiple files, you may do so by going to the Current Design and Construction Standards UT Box Folder.

Division 11 - Design Criteria

File Link (PDF)File Link (DOC)File TitleUpdates MadeRev. Date
Fall Protection_DC (PDF)Fall Protection_DC (DOC)Fall Protection Design CriteriaUpdate03/2023
Laboratory_DC (PDF)Laboratory_DC (DOC)Laboratory Design CriteriaUpdate12/2023


Division 11 - Technical Specifications

File Link (PDF)File Link (DOC)File TitleUpdates MadeRev. Date
11.12.00 (PDF)11.12.00 (DOC)Parking Control EquipmentNone12/2001
11.53.13 (PDF)11.53.13 (DOC)Laboratory Fume HoodsUpdate12/2023
11.81.29 (PDF)11.81.29 (DOC)Facility Fall Protection - ActiveUpdate06/2023
11.81.29 (PDF)11.81.29 (DOC)Facility Fall Protection - PassiveUpdate04/2023
11.82.00 (PDF)11.82.00 (DOC)Compactors and BalersNone10/2000


Division 11 - Supplemental Standards

File Title and LinkUpdates MadeRev. Date
Food Establishment GuidelinesUpdate09/2019