Working With Us

We rely on the State of Texas Central Master Bidders List (CMBL) to develop source lists and do not maintain a separate bidders list. Register for the CMBL and learn more about certification as a Historically Underutlilized Business (HUB).

If awarded a contract, firms not previously set up in our contract management system will be asked to complete a Payee Information Form (PIF).

All solicitations are posted to our Formal Solicitation Opportunities. Additional information is available on Bidding & Contracting. We invite vendors to explore all areas of our web page for information on Design & Construction Standards, details about our organization and the services we provide, sustainability information, upcoming projects, as well as other helpful information.

The University of Texas at Austin complies with all applicable statutes including those addressing HUB requirements, the Texas Public Information Act, the Texas Prompt Payment Act and the Professional Services Procurement Act, as a part of our solicitation and contracting procedures.

Trina Bickford, Assistant Director of Contracts

Cynthia Rangel, Team Lead/Competitive Solicitations

Lana Beranek, Competitive Solicitations/CSP Contracts

Muriel Kruse, Contract Specialist/PSP Contracts

Flo Pitre, Contract Specialist/PSP Contracts

Emmy Mathes, Contract Specialist/JOC & EAJ Contracts

Holly Sparks-Anderson, Contract Specialist/JOC Contracts

Sandra Todd, Contract Specialist/JOC Contracts 

Pamela Lewis, Contract Specialist/JOC Contracts

For additional information regarding the HUB program, please contact:

HUB and Small Business Office at