Operations Support

Turning Data into Reliable, Accurate Decision-making

Operations Support provides the University with strategies and information that enable the University to provide a secure, reliable, and world-class environment for our students to learn. Services include providing Campus Operations departments and the University with comprehensive capital investment management, including the replacement and renewal program; asset data and geographical information services; intake process management; and strategic asset planning. 

Campus Geospatial Assets 

Campus Geospatial Assets (the group formerly known as Location Information Services) provides the University with geographical information and services, including campus maps, printed maps, floor plans, GIS support, and construction documents of the built environment.

Data and Document Management

We provide the University with the one source for data and documents regarding our built environment.

Replacement and Renewal & Capital Investment & Asset Strategies

We provide the University with capital investment strategies and manage the financial responsibility of the University for the replacement and renewal of our built environment.